Over the last year or so, Zotac seems to have reduced its motherboard output in focus of the mini-PCs. It explains why we have no Zotac Z87 or Z97 motherboard on show! However the mini-PC business seems to be doing well for Zotac, especially in the digital signage sector so I hear, and we have reported on some interesting new models in our Pipeline feed over the year. There were two particularly interesting items on display at the Zotac booth this year at Computex. ZBOX Sphere Despite a sphere not being box shaped, the ZBOX line recently got a new member in the Sphere. The model on display at the booth was based on the i5-4200U mobile processor with support for two...

ASUS Announces X102BA Touchscreen Ultraportable with AMD’s Temash APU

As we wrap up with ASUS’ IFA announcements for today, we shift from the tablet and smartphone sectors over to laptops. Launched back in May, Kabini is AMD’s alternative...

17 by Jarred Walton on 9/4/2013

AMD’s 2013 Elite Mobility Platform, aka Temash

AMD has a bunch of APUs launching today, and while the only hardware we have on hand for testing right now consists of a Kabini laptop, we wanted to...

12 by Jarred Walton on 5/23/2013

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