Shuttle X1

Shuttle has started to sell its new Gaming Nano family of small form-factor PCs. The miniature Shuttle X1 systems are barely larger than Intel’s NUCs, but they integrate Intel’s 45W high-end mobile Core i5/i7 HQ-series Kaby Lake CPUs with NVIDIA’s mobile GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB GPUs, which make them capable of running VR games. The combination of size and hardware leads to pricing from $1465 to $1709. Shuttle and Mini PCs Shuttle was among the pioneers of modern small form-factor PCs for enthusiasts in the early 2000s. Back then, the company was the first to offer custom PC barebones that enabled users to build a PC without hassle on motherboard fitting and cooling. Shortly after, the company began to offer specialized versions of PC barebones...

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