Intel SSD 310

Off the back of the announcement of a substantial amount of Z490 motherboards designed for Intel's 10th generation desktop processors, ASRock Rack has announced a server-focused model. The ASRock Rack Z490D4U-2L2T offers an impressive array of Ethernet including two Intel 10 GBE and two Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports; all on a micro-ATX form factor PCB. With over 44+ Z490 models to choose from a variety of vendors, ASRock Rack has announced its intention to release a server solution for LGA1200. Although ASRock Rack hasn't officially revealed a complete list of specifications for its Z490D4U-2L2T micro-ATX motherboard, ASRock Rack has made some information public. Potentially suited for cloud gaming servers and high-frequency trading, the ASRock Rack Z490D4U-2L2T includes IPMI remote management. It is equipped with an...

Intel's SSD 310: G2 Performance in an mSATA Form Factor

Although not quite the Intel SSD announcement we were expecting in Q4, today Intel unveiled its first mSATA SSD: the Intel SSD 310. Based on the 34nm Intel X25-M G2...

52 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 12/29/2010

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