Spending thousands of dollars on a Computer should not be done without care, heat can become a major factor to your PC's performance and stability especially if you happen to be overclocking even the slightest bit. Intel's Pentium II is the fastest desktop processor on the market today, approaching clock speeds of 333MHz and above this bone shattering performance doesn't come without a tradeoff, in this case, heat.

Even when clocked at 333MHz, the Pentium II dissipates enormous amounts of heat, pushing the processor to clock rates of 375MHz, and even 416MHz increase the already excessive levels of heat produced by the processor to new, previously unheard of levels.

The Pentium II doesn't present itself as a very flexible processor when it comes to cooling, with the tank like construction of the cartridge put together in such a manner that one wouldn't even consider removing the heatsink/fan from their expensive investment.

p2_cooling_title.gif (8706 bytes)

However what most Pentium II owners don't realize is that there are a number of replacement Heatsink/Fan combos out there aside from the conventional "boxed" or retail Heatsink/Fan from Intel.

Anand Tech, in cooperation with Anand Tech Network Affiliate ThermalNet evaluated 5 of the top Pentium II Heatsink/Fan combos out on the market today. Let's take a look at the first unit, from AOC.

Review Courtesy of Anand Tech Network Affiliate - ThermalNet

AAVID Pentium II Heatsink/Fan Unit
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