08:31AM EDT - Hello all! We're live here from the Paris convention center for the launch of Huawei's P30 smartphone lineup.

08:35AM EDT - This is the second time Huawei has launched a flagship in Paris. Last year we saw the launch of the P20 and P20 Pro which ushered in a new era of smartphone photography.

08:36AM EDT - In particular, the P20Pro ushered in a new era of smartphone photography with the introduction of a tripod-less night mode as well as bringing some impressive sensor technology to the table.

08:37AM EDT - Huawei's P-series have focused on photography, while the Mate series is the lineup where Huawei introduces new technology such as the newest generation Kirin chipsets.

08:39AM EDT - The venue here rivals the size that we're used from Samsung's launches. In a sense, this is a good representation of where Huawei is in the mobile market nowadays.

08:40AM EDT - One bonus point for the Paris convention centre: It seems like the venue WiFi is holding relatively strong even though I'm seeing tons of WiFi hotspots around.

08:45AM EDT - The event should start in 15 minutes. I'm expecting a long presentation by Richard Yu.

09:00AM EDT - One minute to go.

09:02AM EDT - Intro video hyping things up.

09:02AM EDT - "P30 - Rewrite the rules of phography"

09:03AM EDT - Telefonica executive talking about the P series and Huawei's advances.

09:04AM EDT - Vodaphone executive talking about how the P30 will be a great smartphone

09:05AM EDT - Next in line - Orange.

09:05AM EDT - "Turning point in the industry; 5G and foldable devices"

09:05AM EDT - "The P30 are a rainbow of devices"

09:06AM EDT - Richard Yu taking the stage.

09:07AM EDT - Leading innovation in a variety of topics.

09:07AM EDT - "Leading mobile photography" making the mobile experience much better to like that of a DLSR camera

09:08AM EDT - "Building a better connected life means a better community"

09:09AM EDT - Using AI to help the visually impaired. Using the NPU in the Kirin 980

09:10AM EDT - First in the industry to introduce a dual-camera.

09:10AM EDT - Last year with the P20 - first with a triple camera.

09:10AM EDT - Introducing the P30 and P30 Pro.

09:11AM EDT - "Rewrite the rules of photograph"

09:12AM EDT - Intro video about the design of the P30

09:12AM EDT - "Design inspired by nature"

09:13AM EDT - Minimal notch and bezel design.

09:14AM EDT - Fantastic screen-to-body ratios on both the lower end P30 and the P30 Pro - much less than the iPhone XS & XR.

09:15AM EDT - Also much lighter designs. Notably missing from the comparison are the new Galaxy S10's which are lighter.

09:15AM EDT - Under-screen magnetic earpiece speaker.

09:15AM EDT - New under-screen fingerprint with 30% better unlock speed.

09:16AM EDT - 1080p OLED isplay on the small P30. First time we see an OLED on the lower range model.

09:17AM EDT - Also a 1080p OLED screen on the P30 Pro - odd lack of 1440 on the bigger phone.

09:17AM EDT - IP68 rating on the P30 Pro

09:17AM EDT - Nano optical colour finish.

09:20AM EDT - Five different colours - Breathing crystal, Amber sunrise, Pearl white, Black and Aurora Blue

09:20AM EDT - Moving onto the photography capability

09:21AM EDT - 40MP new generation main sensor, 16MP wide angle and a 8MP 3x telephoto on the P30.

09:22AM EDT - The P30 Pro has a similar camera setup, but now has a 5x optical zoom periscope telephoto lens.

09:22AM EDT - Uses a prism mirror to have the sensor at a 90° angle

09:22AM EDT - ToF camera on top of the 3 optical cameras

09:23AM EDT - Huawei has abandoned a RGGB Bayer sensor in favour of a RYYB sensor.

09:24AM EDT - Yellow captures both red and green light, and the ISP reconverts data back to RGB data.

09:25AM EDT - Again a 1/7" sensor for the 40MP sensor, currently the biggest in a smartphone today.

09:25AM EDT - OIS for both the 40MP sensor and the telephoto module

09:26AM EDT - ISO400000 for the P30Pro and ISO204800 for the P30

09:27AM EDT - Better light capture than your eyes are even capable of.

09:27AM EDT - Today's multi-frame captures essentially eliminates the noise issues of high ISO captures

09:29AM EDT - Pictures done with the handheld Night mode.

09:31AM EDT - The long exposure modes are enables through AIS "AI imagine stabilisation"

09:32AM EDT - Not only for night mode, but can be used in daylight as well

09:33AM EDT - Very large focus on showcasing the P30's camera capabilities

09:33AM EDT - Switching over to the new telephoto module

09:33AM EDT - 3x Optical zoom on the P30 with 5x hybrid zoom.

09:35AM EDT - OIS on the P30 Pro telephoto seems to be implemented on the prism.

09:36AM EDT - The P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro already had the best telephoto modules in the industry - Huawei is currently just showing off with the new modules on the P30.

09:39AM EDT - Live demo with low light subjects against the S10+ and iPhone XS

09:42AM EDT - The P30 resolving details that were invisible to the iPhone and Galaxy

09:42AM EDT - Now turning off the light in the room.

09:44AM EDT - Not using the low light mode on the Galaxy S10.

09:45AM EDT - Now addressing the new ToF camera and how it's used for depth information.

09:45AM EDT - We already saw this on the Honor View20 - however the issues were that we lacked any sensible use-cases for the module.

09:46AM EDT - Did they just talk about the ToF sensor and not mention any uses? o_O

09:47AM EDT - Wide angle module just like on the Mate 20's.

09:48AM EDT - Closer focus distance than what's possible on the S10 or iPhone XS

09:48AM EDT - 32MP front-facing selfie camera with AI HDR+

09:49AM EDT - Switching over to video recording features

09:49AM EDT - More and more video are using video sharing.

09:49AM EDT - "Pain points for video" - Low light, stabilisation and range

09:50AM EDT - Low light video intro

09:51AM EDT - The P30 showing vastly better low light video capture compared to the S10 and XS

09:52AM EDT - Dual video recording with both a wide angle and regular camera.

09:53AM EDT - This is very interesting from a technical perspective as it requires a lot of ISP and SoC bandwidth

09:54AM EDT - DXOMark score for the P30 Pro - 112

09:54AM EDT - "Unrivaled camera experience with the P30"

09:57AM EDT - Fashion Photographer taking the stage to talk about his experience with the P30

09:59AM EDT - Performance improvements brought by the Kirin 980 bringing massive improvements

09:59AM EDT - A new filesystem "EROFS" bringing significant upgrades over EXT4.

10:00AM EDT - Leading Dual SIM capability - most other phones don't have the full features for the second SIM

10:01AM EDT - 3650mAh battery for the P30 and 4200mAh for the P30 Pro

10:01AM EDT - 40W super fast charging

10:01AM EDT - 30minutes to charge to 70% capacity

10:01AM EDT - 15 Wireless charging

10:02AM EDT - Naturally reverse wiresless charging is also included

10:03AM EDT - New EMUI 9.1 with Android 9

10:04AM EDT - New themes for EMUI and the P30's

10:05AM EDT - Gesture navigation - unfortunately I find Huawei's side swipe implementation one of the worst among vendors. It's inferior to bottom up gestures.

10:06AM EDT - Power button serves as a assistant button when pressed for 1s

10:06AM EDT - Samsung should take note.

10:07AM EDT - TOF camera is used for Google ARCore

10:07AM EDT - Huawei seems to have some limited use-cases for the ToF sensor such as a object volume estimation application.

10:08AM EDT - Covering Share OneHop with the Huawei Matebook - we had already covered this at MWC and CES.

10:09AM EDT - Use the P"à as a digital car key.

10:10AM EDT - Partnership with Audi in 7 models, but looking forward to work with other brands such as BMW

10:11AM EDT - Huawei bringing the bling bling with a first-party crystal cover from Swarofski

10:12AM EDT - More various first-party accessories

10:13AM EDT - 40W super charging powerbank - if you go out for several days in the wilderness with 12000mAh

10:13AM EDT - Can even charge your laptop at fast speeds

10:18AM EDT - Huawei also their own wireless headphones with the FreeLace and new FreeBuds Lite.

10:19AM EDT - New Huawei Watch GT with up to 2 weeks battery life

10:24AM EDT - Partner talking about ... designer stores selling eyewear. I'm not sure why this is part of the event.

10:32AM EDT - The Gentle Monster smart eyewear is built by Huawei

10:32AM EDT - The PCB, batteryies, antennas included in the glass frames and supports

10:34AM EDT - Wirelessly charging pouch for thet glasses.

10:35AM EDT - The glasses seem to be able to be used for music devices as well as assistants.

10:37AM EDT - 799€ for the P30 and 999€ for the P30Pro, respective starting prices.

10:38AM EDT - That's a wrap folks. I'm off to get my devices and get back home!

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  • yeeeeman - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    Andrei, pe când o să vedem articolul comparativ intre s10 cu snapdragon so cel cu exynos?
  • Ryan Smith - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    Yes. Very soon.=)
  • Smell This - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    In the US of A, is this 9AM EST, or 9AM DST ?

    Conversely, would that be 1PM CST or 2PM "Central European Daylight Savings Time" ? Or, technically being that the EU "Springs Forward" this weekend, NOT "European Summer Daylight Savings Time" .... ?

    What about Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico ... China ... Russia ... ?

    And does anyone really know what time it is, in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea? Inquiring minds want to know ...

    The World demands answers !
  • Andrei Frumusanu - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    The times are given in their respective region's ST. The event starts at 10PM North Korea time!
  • Smell This - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    Have a safe and happy launch.
  • Haroh - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    The event is so painful to watch. Oh god they really need better speakers!
  • f4tali - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    While phonetically correct, I'd never hear the end of it if the wife saw me spell "Swarovski" the way you did ;)
  • f4tali - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    A fact I'm not necessarily proud of BTW :)
  • f4tali - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    On a more serious note, something about that yellow pixel rubbed me the wrong way. My mind is racing so this post isn't going to be very coherent but...

    Anybody else here remember the FujiFilm f30 pocket cam? The one with the gigantic hexagonal GREEN pixel? Either yellow isn't the bee's-knees (considering it's been 15 years) or these companies aren't hiring/listening to engineers. In fact, the only other time I remember yellow being touted was years ago with IGZO displays.... not exactly a sensor obviously.

    Ok so here's my other problem. I've never-ever in the past 20 years seen a real article on Kodak's patents biz. Not a real one. None that could explain why my 15 year old (maybe more) Kodak DX6490 could produce better out-of-the-box pics than any other camera since... in daylight though. And I do mean ANY other camera.

    So maybe this non-bayer sensor is a way to get around patents and maybe helps in low-light only?
  • techgadgetgeek - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - link

    Any updates or info on LTE Bands for T-Mobile and Verizon? What about Audio sound volume from speaker? Is speaker loud or weak? What about cell and wifi reception? Is cell and wifi reception strong or weak?

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