11:53AM EDT - That's all from us for the presentations, we'll write up these announcements in due course!

11:51AM EDT - Looks like it's the sum-up video now

11:51AM EDT - SP3 has had time to validate for business for sure

11:51AM EDT - I wonder the depth of the HP/Dell reselling deal is, if it's SP3 only right now or extends to the latest

11:50AM EDT - $1500 is more Thinkpad style. I wonder if MS will work with HP/Dell to sell these to business

11:49AM EDT - Might be worth thinking that the Surface Book might cannibalise SP4 sales. But they're two very different price points - $900 for SP4 vs $1500 for SB

11:48AM EDT - 'Reinventing productivity'

11:46AM EDT - Preorders for a lot of these start tomorrow, so MS Store is still SP3 right now

11:45AM EDT - Brett should have some hands on time for the rest of the day hopefully. We'll get more info on the product options

11:44AM EDT - Talking Windows 10

11:43AM EDT - 'Moving people from meeting Windows, to choosing Windows'

11:41AM EDT - Satya Nadella on stage

11:41AM EDT - The hinge looks good, but it's a bit bulky perhaps. Looks a little odd?

11:40AM EDT - I wonder what the separation is between base and tablet

11:40AM EDT - Did I mention it was up to 1TB storage / 16GB DRAM

11:39AM EDT - Musclewire locking

11:39AM EDT - The base extends due to the hinge,improves the laptopness

11:38AM EDT - It must do it on the fly

11:38AM EDT - Must use a PCIe switch like that MSI laptop, but it does it on the fly

11:37AM EDT - So GPU in the base

11:36AM EDT - Sharing some around in the crowd

11:36AM EDT - So there's CPU/GPU in the screen and keyboard? Or am I being confused

11:36AM EDT - USB ports in the bottom

11:35AM EDT - 1.6 pounds

11:34AM EDT - Even with the hinge it's a 2-in 1? wait, what?

11:34AM EDT - Body is machined Magnesium

11:33AM EDT - No USB 3.1

11:33AM EDT - Wait, is that a mDP or a Thunderbolt port?

11:32AM EDT - Doesn't say what DRAM/storage segments

11:32AM EDT - Pre-order Oct 7th, Avail 26th

11:32AM EDT - Starts at $1499

11:32AM EDT - so how much?

11:31AM EDT - So an aluminium billet design machined to fit

11:30AM EDT - Editing videos on the Surface Book

11:29AM EDT - 300 MBps transfer over the dock

11:28AM EDT - ok

11:28AM EDT - Aha, it's for the Surface dock

11:28AM EDT - So Core i5?

11:28AM EDT - wait what?

11:28AM EDT - '2 more processors than MBP'

11:27AM EDT - I still want to know what that port on the side was

11:27AM EDT - Interesting battery layout

11:26AM EDT - 'Fastest 13-inch laptop pound for pound'

11:25AM EDT - Compile with CPU and GPU ?

11:25AM EDT - 12 hour battery life

11:25AM EDT - 5-point touch

11:24AM EDT - Glass trackpad

11:24AM EDT - 1.6mm travel

11:23AM EDT - Same glass as Pro 4

11:23AM EDT - Pen and Touch

11:23AM EDT - PixelSense

11:23AM EDT - 13.5-inch, 267 PPI

11:22AM EDT - What is that port on the side?

11:22AM EDT - Sorry, 'Surface Book'

11:22AM EDT - USB Type-A ports

11:22AM EDT - I assume Skylake


11:21AM EDT - That hinge

11:21AM EDT - The SurfaceBook

11:21AM EDT - 'The ultimate laptop'

11:21AM EDT - So a larger clamshell Surface?

11:20AM EDT - A Laptop Surface ?!

11:20AM EDT - New product coming

11:20AM EDT - or cost of keyboard / pen

11:20AM EDT - Doesn't say what config that is

11:20AM EDT - Avail Oct 26th

11:20AM EDT - Preorder Oct 7th

11:20AM EDT - $899

11:19AM EDT - No mention of the kickstand yet

11:18AM EDT - Fingerprint sensor

11:17AM EDT - Video on how Hello works in a multi-user family

11:17AM EDT - Now Windows Hello

11:16AM EDT - 5 color options

11:16AM EDT - 40% larger trackpad

11:16AM EDT - 1.3mm travel

11:15AM EDT - New switches

11:15AM EDT - Lighter and Thinner

11:15AM EDT - New Type Cover

11:14AM EDT - 2000 parts in SP4, 500 unique

11:13AM EDT - Surface Docking station

11:13AM EDT - Is that Core M? Or something more?

11:12AM EDT - SP4 is 50%faster than MBA

11:11AM EDT - SP4 is 30% faster than SP3

11:11AM EDT - B HB H 2H

11:10AM EDT - with interchangeable tips

11:10AM EDT - Surface Pen comes in 5 colors

11:09AM EDT - Lightroom, Illustrator all pen enabled

11:08AM EDT - Seemless integration with the Lumia 950

11:07AM EDT - The stage lights make the screen look washed out...

11:07AM EDT - Pen is attached magnetically

11:06AM EDT - Sounded like it's not a rechargable pen? Replacable battery then

11:06AM EDT - A full year of battery life

11:05AM EDT - Is this from the N-trig arrangement?

11:05AM EDT - 50% of SP3 users have a Pen

11:05AM EDT - Now comes with eraser

11:04AM EDT - Surface Pen

11:04AM EDT - The Microsoft G5 chipset

11:04AM EDT - custom chipset for it

11:04AM EDT - thinnest optical stack ever

11:03AM EDT - PixelSense

11:02AM EDT - LCD Gates into the panel

11:02AM EDT - 267 PPI

11:02AM EDT - 5 million pixels

11:02AM EDT - 3:2

11:02AM EDT - 'Thinnest Core PC ever'

11:01AM EDT - Surface Pro 4

11:01AM EDT - Up to 16GB DRAM 1 TB storage

11:01AM EDT - Skylake inside

11:01AM EDT - Hybrid cooled system

11:00AM EDT - New switch type

11:00AM EDT - 1024-levels of pen pressure

11:00AM EDT - 12.3-inch

11:00AM EDT - 8.4mm

11:00AM EDT - New Surface now

11:00AM EDT - 'Bring the Thunder' or 'Reinvent the category'

11:00AM EDT - 'Competitors are chasing it'

10:59AM EDT - '98% of SP3 users recommend it'

10:59AM EDT - Current gen of Surface used to make the next gen of Surface

10:58AM EDT - Doctors, Engineers, Composers, Students

10:57AM EDT - Now a video of professional use case for Surface

10:56AM EDT - I've noted big discounts in the UK for SP3 this week

10:56AM EDT - 'Momentum with SP3 has been off the charts'

10:55AM EDT - Now Surface

10:55AM EDT - Aslo Lumia 550 at $139 with quad core LTE

10:55AM EDT - 950 at $549, 950XL at $649

10:53AM EDT - Fully transparent PNGs from USB stick loaded into powerpoint running on the phone

10:52AM EDT - Can use the USB ports in the Dock for data drives

10:51AM EDT - All the keyboard shortcuts

10:50AM EDT - Running at 1080p60 on the big monitor

10:50AM EDT - While being used, the phone is still a phone

10:49AM EDT - Full multitasking with the start menu

10:49AM EDT - Office Mobile

10:49AM EDT - Scales to the monitor

10:49AM EDT - Using the mouse, keyboard and monitor

10:48AM EDT - It's the phone doing the work

10:48AM EDT - wow

10:48AM EDT - Phone showing a W10 like dekstop

10:47AM EDT - Microsoft Display Dock

10:47AM EDT - Using the phone like a PC

10:46AM EDT - Windows Hello on the phone now in beta

10:46AM EDT - This is what Anand predicted years ago. Using your phone as a PC

10:46AM EDT - Basically a dock ?

10:45AM EDT - Continuum Now

10:44AM EDT - 50%+ charge in 30 mins

10:44AM EDT - so USB 3.1 Gen 1, aka USB 3.0

10:44AM EDT - 5 Gbps

10:43AM EDT - USB Type-C

10:43AM EDT - up to 256GB microSD

10:43AM EDT - microSD

10:43AM EDT - 32GB storage

10:42AM EDT - 4K video recording

10:41AM EDT - Optical Image Stabilizer 5th Gen

10:41AM EDT - Triple LED RGB flash

10:41AM EDT - Pureview with Zeiss

10:40AM EDT - 564 and 518 PPI

10:39AM EDT - OLED

10:39AM EDT - 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch

10:38AM EDT - Tablet class cooling

10:38AM EDT - Latest Qualcomm tech

10:38AM EDT - Orientation based beam forming

10:38AM EDT - 6-core and 8-core

10:37AM EDT - Liquid cooling?

10:37AM EDT - Two antennas

10:37AM EDT - 950 and 950 XL

10:37AM EDT - Lumia 950 family

10:37AM EDT - 'Consistent experiences across all the devices'

10:36AM EDT - 'The power of Windows Security, Windows Update'

10:36AM EDT - He's wearing an MS Band. And a watch

10:35AM EDT - Lumia first

10:35AM EDT - 'Windows 10 is threading all our devices together'

10:34AM EDT - No other presenter was called out by name, interestingly

10:34AM EDT - Panos Panay on stage

10:34AM EDT - 1000 businesses have chosen Lumia this year

10:34AM EDT - Now Dell/HP sell to businesses

10:33AM EDT - $3.5 billion/yr

10:33AM EDT - 'Tablet that can replace your laptop'

10:33AM EDT - big whoop from the crowd

10:33AM EDT - Now Surface and Lumia

10:32AM EDT - Pre-order for Oct 30th

10:32AM EDT - $249

10:32AM EDT - New link up with Lose It, a calorie tracker

10:31AM EDT - Lots of new partners

10:31AM EDT - for the data

10:31AM EDT - Phone and PC

10:31AM EDT - does your score card (based on GPS?)

10:30AM EDT - Software on top of normal sensors

10:30AM EDT - automatic shot detection

10:30AM EDT - Now golf

10:30AM EDT - 'Delivering tech powered insights'

10:30AM EDT - Values are estimated based on sensors on the band

10:29AM EDT - VO2 max

10:28AM EDT - Constant and immediate access to personal data through Microsoft Health

10:27AM EDT - track exercise and sleep quality

10:27AM EDT - Barometer added for elevation tracking

10:27AM EDT - Tells you if you miss a workout

10:27AM EDT - Cortana integration

10:27AM EDT - Custom notifications

10:26AM EDT - More responsive to touch

10:26AM EDT - Curved screen obviously

10:26AM EDT - Corning Gorilla Glass 3

10:26AM EDT - 'Optimize for individual that works and works out'

10:25AM EDT - scenario based apps

10:25AM EDT - function, hardware, partnerships

10:25AM EDT - Listening to feedback

10:25AM EDT - 'achieve more with Band'

10:22AM EDT - New band

10:22AM EDT - Now Microsoft Band

10:22AM EDT - Avail Q1 2016

10:22AM EDT - $3000

10:21AM EDT - Now taking applications for the Hololens Development kit

10:21AM EDT - Does that mean an airmont custom core... ?

10:21AM EDT - holographic processing unit

10:21AM EDT - custom silicon

10:21AM EDT - Sensors to map the environment

10:21AM EDT - See through HD lenses

10:21AM EDT - 'New computing experiences'

10:20AM EDT - Use a shield

10:19AM EDT - Holograms can react with each other

10:18AM EDT - Robots know where the walls and furniture are

10:18AM EDT - Spatial sound

10:18AM EDT - Wearable holograms

10:17AM EDT - Holograms you can hold

10:17AM EDT - He has a wireless controller

10:17AM EDT - Game is Project XRAY

10:16AM EDT - Every room is a level

10:16AM EDT - Mixed reality gaming on Hololens

10:16AM EDT - New dev project with Hololens on show

10:15AM EDT - Now Hololens

10:15AM EDT - 'Console class graphics'

10:15AM EDT - Halo, Gears of War, Some racing game? Forza?

10:14AM EDT - New xbox advert for the holiday

10:14AM EDT - Works on console and PC

10:13AM EDT - New controller

10:13AM EDT - Halo 5 console with 1TB storage

10:13AM EDT - New limited edition consoles

10:13AM EDT - Also backwards compatibility coming

10:12AM EDT - All XB1 upgraded to W10

10:12AM EDT - Now talking Xbox One games for holiday season

10:12AM EDT - 'Create and reinvent categories'

10:11AM EDT - But today is Microsoft

10:11AM EDT - Devices unveiled over next few weeks from partners

10:11AM EDT - They're going after consumers and verticals

10:11AM EDT - New devices

10:10AM EDT - Business customers moving to W10 faster than any previous OS

10:10AM EDT - 8 million business PCs running W10

10:09AM EDT - Facebook will be building universal Windows apps for FB, Instagram and Messenger

10:09AM EDT - More time spent in Netflix app than Netflix website

10:08AM EDT - 1 billion visits to the app store

10:08AM EDT - 1 billion questions about W10 asked

10:08AM EDT - 120 years of gameplay streamed from Xbox to W10

10:07AM EDT - 110 million devices now on W10

10:07AM EDT - 10 weeks since Win 10

10:07AM EDT - And it begins

10:06AM EDT - Brett is on site, but the WiFi isn't working so great. Ian and others watching too

10:06AM EDT - Microsoft Event is just starting

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  • Sanssou6 - Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - link

    watching these announcement make sense and now all the SW design and HW equipments goes in the same direction. I just miss apps developers to add now new apps to have a store giving envy to come&serve yourself.
  • denem - Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - link

    Gaming: The Surface Pro will be useless for most games. An m3 or m4 can't drive 2736 x 1824 at a decent fps. If you're happy with iOS games (I'm not), the iPad Pro will have a big advantage here.

    Now the GPU in the Surface Book is another thing entirely. Here hoping.
  • prophet001 - Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - link

    I was wondering if anyone knew when the Surface Book was going to be available in the 1TB version. I can only find the 512GB version for pre-order.
  • theNiZer - Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - link

    Word on the Nvidia GPU in the Surface Book:

    "UPDATE: Just got official word from NVIDIA on the GPU, but unfortunately it doesn't tell us much.

    The new GPU is a Maxwell based GPU with GDDR5 memory. It was designed to deliver the best performance in ultra-thin form factors such as the Surface Book keyboard dock. Given its unique implementation and design in the keyboard module, it cannot be compared to a traditional 900M series GPU. Contact Microsoft for performance information."

    from: http://www.pcper.com/news/Mobile/Microsoft-Surface...
  • microwerx - Thursday, October 8, 2015 - link

    FWIW, the i7 CPU on the SP4 is the i7-6650U with 48 execution cores and 540 Iris Graphics...It's the only one that matches...

  • Sirdelowar - Thursday, October 8, 2015 - link

    Windows 10 is really amazing for its users. To know more about Windows 10 you may visit this site below.

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