Several months ago, we had a thorough review of the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical keyboard. It was perhaps the most anticipated keyboard in history, amassing feverish hype months prior to its release on gaming forums. The release of the keyboard also marked the creation of a subsidiary company which would focus solely on gaming peripherals. The new division was baptized "Corsair Gaming", brought in its own marketing logo and focuses on the development of high performance gaming peripherals. In that sense, Corsair has never seemed to be a company that feared expansion and diversification. They initially started as a memory products manufacturer after all, infiltrating market after market, paving the way to the very broad products lineup and global presence that the company has today. The creation of a completely new division just for the peripherals could depict a demonstration of how much faith Corsair has that they can become a major global player in that segment of the market.

The K70 RGB also was perhaps the only keyboard in existence to collect so many negative comments about the newly found subsidiary company logo. So wrathful were Corsair's supporters regarding the new logo that even petitions pleading the company to maintain the old logo were created. That aside, the K70 RGB for the most part lived up to its hype, which was a serious accomplishment to begin with.

Today, we briefly examine the rest of the Corsair Gaming RGB series: the K65 RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, the K95 RGB mechanical keyboard, the M65 RGB laser gaming mouse and the Sabre gaming mouse. Although they look very similar to the K70 RGB, there are notable differences between the keyboards that this article seeks to identify. The M65 RGB is a high performance gaming mouse designed with FPS gaming in mind, and the Sabre was first introduced shortly after Corsair Gaming was founded, ditching the "FPS-specific" design of the M65 RGB for a universal approach. 

Corsair Gaming K65 RGB & K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards
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  • RavnosCC - Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - link

    I really can't believe they didn't just make a more awesome sailboat for the the logo... what a disappointment :(
  • aapocketz - Thursday, May 21, 2015 - link

    Was hoping to see a technical review of these keyboards beyond the basic information that bigger keyboards have more buttons, and more buttons are good.

    How about measuring response times, or keyboard backlight brightness levels? What are the keycaps made of, do they show wear easily? How about the software to control lighting? How is OS support? Is there Linux support? an SDK?
  • LostTech - Friday, May 22, 2015 - link

    No mention what-so-ever of all the problems people are having with the RGB keyboards.

    1) The 16.8m colours were not there at launch and they have had to issue a fix which causes severe flickering...

    2) Lots crashing in games (especially via steam)...

    3) PC & Corsair's own software having trouble detecting the keyboard...

    The list goes on... Corsair seem to think all of this is irrelevant and have buried a lot of the posts in their forum to try to hide the issues!
  • Dorek - Friday, June 12, 2015 - link

    " The optical version should be similarly priced as well but no major seller appears to have it in stock at the time of this review."

    As I discovered a couple months ago when I couldn't decide between the Sabre and the M65 (I eventually went with the M65), the Sabre Optical is a Best Buy-exclusive product in North America. Don't know how you guys didn't know this.

    Anyway, the mouse portions review were very confusing to read because the author continually confuses the front and rear of a mouse. Protip: the part of the mouse that's closer to your monitor is the front. Because it''s in the front of the mouse when you're using it. How can you confuse this? Was this article translated through a few different languages in Google Translate or something?
  • Dorek - Friday, June 12, 2015 - link

    Also, as many point out, there is almost no objective data at all in this review. Just some impressions of how the hardware feels. Kind of funny coming from the guy who thought "put a functioning computer in to a case and record its temperatures" wasn't objective enough data. Throw some measurements in here, man. Otherwise this is just a product page.
  • Volker - Saturday, August 15, 2015 - link

    Hey guys! I just found this fancy device:
    Seems to be a real game changer to me. It's a wireless finger mouse. You move the cursor just by pointing with your index finger. I definitely want one.

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