01:13PM EST - That's a wrap! Time for Ian and I to play with the device

01:13PM EST - 32, 64 and 128GB options.

01:13PM EST - Availability starting April 10th in 20 countries.

01:12PM EST - It seems things are winding down.

01:12PM EST - "Next is now"

01:11PM EST - Lee is back on stage.

01:09PM EST - KNOX is brought up.

01:09PM EST - The S6 is one of the most secure today.

01:08PM EST - Gregory Wade from the Enterprise Business Team on stage now.

01:08PM EST - The S6 is ready for business right out of the box.

01:08PM EST - Samsung Pay will be adopted by more merchants than any other offering.

01:07PM EST - MST can be used in magstripe pay terminals.

01:06PM EST - Universal acceptance is needed to adopt a new pay mechanism.

01:05PM EST - Back to Samsung Pay.

01:05PM EST - Fast tracking AF is also integrated, we're probably talking about PDAF.

01:04PM EST - The camera is always on standby - launches in 0.7 seconds.

01:04PM EST - The S6 is clearly much superior in these samples.

01:03PM EST - Video comparison of the iPhone6 Plus vs the S6.

01:03PM EST - Comparison against the iPhone 6 Plus - the crowd goes crazy.

01:02PM EST - 16MP sensor on the back. F1.9 lens with OIS.

01:01PM EST - 5MP by the way.

01:01PM EST - 43% increased pixel size on the front camera.

01:01PM EST - This was actually the front camera, now onto the rear camera.

01:01PM EST - Real time HDR and Low Light Shot

01:00PM EST - Low light improvements, a new F1.9 lens.

01:00PM EST - All the promo videos are shot on the Galaxy S6.

12:59PM EST - Onto the new camera now.

12:59PM EST - "Powerful & Efficient"

12:59PM EST - "Wireless charging has arrived"

12:59PM EST - Both WPC and PMA are supported.

12:58PM EST - Wireless charing is now in by default

12:58PM EST - They claim no sacrifice has been made due to the built-in battery.

12:58PM EST - The battery is now built-in, Samsung is addressing that now.

12:57PM EST - 10 minutes of charging for 4 hours of use.

12:57PM EST - Half the time of the iPhone6 in charge time.

12:57PM EST - The claim that it's the fastest charging device out there.

12:56PM EST - The screen is also optimized in power consumption.

12:56PM EST - The new processor performs better and uses less power.

12:56PM EST - Battery now.

12:56PM EST - 11% increased PPI on the new Gear VR.

12:55PM EST - There's a new Gear VR. Works with both new versions.

12:55PM EST - The S6 Edge has the display wrapped around the edges.

12:55PM EST - 77% more pixels than the S5.

12:55PM EST - 5.1" QHD SuperAMOLED.

12:54PM EST - Display - raising the bar.

12:54PM EST - SSD-like performance in a smartphone.

12:54PM EST - UFS 2.0 is employed on the S6's.

12:54PM EST - LPDDR4 of course. 3GB of it.

12:54PM EST - 20% faster performance, 35% more efficient than the 5433 in the Note 4.

12:53PM EST - 64bit SoC with 14nm technology.

12:53PM EST - Performance - This is how.

12:53PM EST - Justin Denison of the marketing team takes the stage.

12:52PM EST - Again, design with purpose is hyped up.

12:52PM EST - One-touch auto-reply via heartrate sensor.

12:51PM EST - Colour-coded side-glow as notifications on the Edge version.

12:51PM EST - New side-widgets on the Edge versions.

12:51PM EST - Edge UX

12:51PM EST - Pro mode with manual controls of the camera.

12:50PM EST - No scrolling anymore in the camera menus.

12:50PM EST - New camera controls that are simple to reach.

12:50PM EST - Samsung applies a sort of material design.

12:49PM EST - Insanely responsive OS through processor and optimizations.

12:49PM EST - Simplified prompts

12:49PM EST - Icons replaced by text

12:48PM EST - New intuitive user experience

12:48PM EST - New design philosophy.

12:48PM EST - Hyun Yeul Lee - from the UX team takes the stage.

12:47PM EST - "This stuff will not bend"

12:47PM EST - 50% stronger metal than competing smartphones.

12:47PM EST - Gorilla glass 4

12:47PM EST - Gold, white, blue, green, black.

12:46PM EST - Gold has a shiny look.

12:46PM EST - Lots of new colour options.

12:45PM EST - First dual-curve smartphone.

12:44PM EST - "Design with purpose"

12:44PM EST - Showing off both versions - the Edge is incredibly thin.

12:43PM EST - Interesting they mentioned Enterprise

12:42PM EST - Total new design

12:42PM EST - The S6 and S6 Edge redefine the Galaxy line.

12:42PM EST - - We set out to build the best we have ever built

12:41PM EST - "Relentless Innovation"

12:40PM EST - Wireless Charging built-in by default.

12:40PM EST - "More choices for contactless payment"

12:39PM EST - Samsung Pay

12:39PM EST - 14nm SoC confirmed, this is the first in the mobile space.

12:38PM EST - 577PPI Display

12:38PM EST - J.K. Shin claims no other phone can match the new S6's.

12:37PM EST - The S6, and the S6 Edge to be specific.

12:37PM EST - Lots of intro video for the S6

12:37PM EST - Michael Bay would be proud.

12:36PM EST - Better want both good design and best in class smartphone.

12:35PM EST - AMOLED, the Note, the Gear

12:35PM EST - "New technology, better products"

12:34PM EST - "My first language is Engineering"

12:34PM EST - "Relentless Innovation"

12:34PM EST - He's taking a shot at all the internet rumours over the last few weeks. No more rumours now.

12:33PM EST - J.K. Shin, Samsung Electronics CEO takes the stage.

12:33PM EST - Youghee Lee takes the stage.

12:32PM EST - Samsung's got an impressive setup this year.

12:32PM EST - Intro video, we have started.

12:31PM EST - Lights off, things are starting off with a boom.

12:20PM EST - 10 minutes to go, things are quieting down. More trailers now.

12:08PM EST - Rather than a pass, everyone got glowstick wristbands

12:04PM EST - Start in 25 minutes, I wonder what we'll see this year?

12:02PM EST - The press is still flowing in, no orchestra this year it seems.

11:58AM EST - Here we are at Samsung Unpacked at MWC 2015. Ian on Photos, Andrei on text. Everyone is getting seated, seems to be almost 5000 people here



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