Today's podcast covers two major topics: the rumored BGA-only version of Intel's Broadwell (2014/2015) CPU and Qualcomm's disclosures at its recent analyst day. The Broadwell BGA topic spawned a pretty big discussion about the future of the DIY desktop PC market, including speculation about the return of software unlockable CPU upgrades. On the Qualcomm side, Brian gives us the first details of the upcoming Krait 300 core.

The AnandTech Podcast - Episode 12
featuring Anand Shimpi, Brian Klug & Dr. Ian Cutress

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Total Time: 1 hour 23 minutes

Outline - hh:mm

Broadwell BGA Discussion - 00:00
Qualcomm Updates - 00:52

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  • Commander Wolf - Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - link

    just to say how much I look forward to your podcasts! You guys are the best; keep it up! Reply
  • Kougar - Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - link

    Sooo, if Haswell mobile launches at the end of 1H13, and desktop parts finally follow up sometime after the summer months... when were IB-E parts supposed to launch?

    Been waiting awhile to upgrade my 920 as my system has developed a 'ghost in the machine' and other motherboard-specific oddities, but knew Haswell would bring a new socket so I waited.

    And random question, but is it confirmed Haswell-E (or whatever it is termed) will also require a new socket replacement for LGA2011 series, correct? I presume it will launch 2014 sometime?
  • dishayu - Thursday, December 6, 2012 - link

    Looks like Intel has denied BGA-only rumours surrounding Broadwell...
  • IanCutress - Thursday, December 6, 2012 - link

    They technically only denied going BGA-only across the spectrum. It's important to differentiate because Broadwell is only one part of the spectrum. As always, Intel's response on these matters comes down to:

    "We don't comment on rumor and speculation. We remain committed to multiple PC segments including desktop and enthusiast, and will continue to innovate in those markets."


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