Zhaoxin, a joint venture between Via Technologies and the Chinese government, has been selling processors for various client systems for years, but recently the company rolled out its latest CPUs that some of the local PC makers position as solutions for DIY enthusiasts. At least initially, Zhaoxin’s KaiXian KX-6780A will be available only in China.

Zhaoxin’s KaiXian KX-6780A is an eight-core x86-64 processor with 8 MB of L2 cache, a dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory controller, modern I/O interfaces (PCIe, SATA, USB, etc.), and integrated DirectX 11.1-capable graphics (possibly S3 based but unknown). The CPU cores are in-house designed LuJiaZui cores, built around a superscalar, multi-issue, out-of-order microarchitecture that supports modern instruction sets extensions like SSE 4.2 as well as AVX along with virtualization and encryption technologies. The processor is made using TSMC’s 16 nm process technology.

Zhaoxin formally introduced its KaiXian KX-6000-series CPUs back in 2018, but it looks like higher-end models like the KX-U6780A and the KX-U6880A are entering the consumer market this quarter.

As it turns out, Xinyingjie, one of Chinese PC makers, uses the C1888 motherboard based on the KX-U6780A that is designed for enthusiast-grade PCs and therefore supporting expandability using a PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, two SO-DIMM slots, M.2 slots, and various internal and external interfaces. One thing to keep in mind about the Zhaoxin’s KaiXian KX-6780A/C1888 platform is of course lack of CPU upgrade path because the processor uses an BGA packaging.

When Zhaoxin originally introduced its Kaixian KX-6000, it said that their performance was comparable to that of Intel’s 7thGeneration Core i5 processor, a quad-core non-Hyper-Threaded CPU. Since then, we have not really got a proper confirmation to the claim and will certainly be interested to test the chip in our labs.

According the to the video source, this mini-PC design is expected to be available from March for consumers. Currently this is a prototype, with enhancements expected between now and the final product.

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Source: 二斤自制 YouTube Channel



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  • mode_13h - Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - link

    Your sophisticated counterpoint serves only to distract from the original claims - not refute them. That's fine, if you want to live in a wold of the lowest-common-denominators, but not if countries are to be held to account for their shortcomings and misdeeds, in hopes of bring about course corrections.

    Critiques of the USA and others should be evaluated on their merits, not on the basis of whether you can find other bad examples.
  • PixyMisa - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    Australia. Right. Whatever you say. Reply
  • mrobin604 - Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - link

    Yeah, because that's CBP's job

  • levizx - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    Are you sure about that? I have a very different political opinion, lived in China for 20+ years and never shied away from expressing it. I wonder why was I not arrested. According to you, I would have been in jail along with more than half of my friends, yet nothing happened. Reply
  • Fataliity - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    Your only jailed if you were a threat. Obviously your not a threat. You either shared the PRC's views, or were too small to make any meaningful difference. Reply
  • ZolaIII - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    How about force move outs of homeless to Hawaii which is isolation camp? How about forced separating illegal emigrant families? What about border wall? I can continue with examples for days. USA has a longest history of human rights violations in the world and that's only domestically on foreign turns it's much worser. Chinese are not flowers but they can't beat that for sure. Reply
  • PixyMisa - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    China killed 30 to 50 million of its own people in the Great Leap Forward, followed by another 5 to 10 million in the Cultural Revolution. And they've been doing stuff like that for thousands of years. The An Lushan Rebellion in the 8th century AD killed as much as 5% of the entire world's population.

    Nobody beats the Chinese at that game.
  • Spunjji - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    The USA never even bothered counting all the Native Americans and black slaves they killed. Deaths by avoidable poverty under capitalism are just "deaths", yet everything in China is counted and ascribed to the government. Don't even get started on the deaths directly caused by the USA worldwide due to the various (related) wars on "communism", "drugs", and then "terror"...

    I'm not even out to defend the Chinese government here. They're atrocious, but by trying to play these numbers games all you're really doing is papering over how *both of the governments being discussed have terrible human rights records* - China just applies that domestically and the USA mostly prefers to do it abroad.
  • Fataliity - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    There's no numbers for the NA's / slaves, so we'll never know. And the war on communism (WW II and cold war) was needed. Or else the world would be very different today. (Hope you have blonde hair blue eyes, cause I do). The war on drugs is BS, but it's also because the real way to remedy it is not socially acceptable, people are too afraid to try things that will fix it because it will hurt them politically.

    The war on Terror, was also BS, and aimed at the wrong country, most likely for oil, but still, it was a response to an attack on our country. And yes, this is a real war here. not like the war on drugs. So of course people are going to die in a real war. That's just what happens in war.
  • ZolaIII - Thursday, January 30, 2020 - link

    How about 99% of whole population of native Americans? Is that a number for you? The number of full and complete genocide. How about at least 80K of Nagasaky victims of which only around 200 ware soldiers? How about numbers massacres by US army in Vietnam? Did any communist country or Islamic one ever made war decision against USA? Nope it's always USA for greater good. Well guess what not even little kids believe in that. Reply

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