05:54PM EDT - We're here in sunny (and hot) Los Angeles, California for E3, and more specifically, AMD's next big product-focused keynote. Dubbed "Next Horizon Gaming"

05:55PM EDT - AMD's crew, including CEO Dr. Lisa Su, will be taking the stage to present information on upcoming gaming-related products

05:57PM EDT - It's a fair bet that we'll be seeing both GPU news and CPU news from this keynote, plenty of gaming demos, and as is usually the case for AMD, maybe a surprise or two

05:59PM EDT - The show is set to start at 3pm local time, though I suspect it will get a late start

05:59PM EDT - Joining me today is the jetlagged Dr. Ian Cutress, who only recently wrapped up Computex

06:00PM EDT - Oh, and we're starting on time!

06:00PM EDT - AMD is rolling a video

06:00PM EDT - And the AMD employees are forming a mosh pit

06:01PM EDT - Now on stage: Dr. Lisa Su

06:01PM EDT - Who is wearing a black leather jacket

06:02PM EDT - "We have an incredible, incredible show for you today"

06:02PM EDT - "What's next?"

06:03PM EDT - (It will likely involve processors)

06:04PM EDT - To deliver incredible gaming experiences you need breakthrough hardware and breakthrough games

06:04PM EDT - Sometimes the hardware gets ahead, and sometimes the software gets ahead

06:04PM EDT - AMD wants to be everywhere. PCs, consoles, mobile, etc

06:05PM EDT - "We're all about pushing the envelope"

06:05PM EDT - We're seeing the results of some bets AMD made 3 to 5 years ago

06:06PM EDT - e.g. Zen 2 and RDNA

06:06PM EDT - AMD is very happy about their console and Google partnerships

06:07PM EDT - Lisa is now recapping yesterday's Project Scarlett Xbox announcement

06:08PM EDT - Introducing at E3 2019: AMD Ryzen 3000 series and the Radeon RX 5700 series

06:09PM EDT - Starting today off with Ryzen

06:09PM EDT - Rolling a video

06:10PM EDT - Lisa says she's happy to see the excitement about Ryzen 3000

06:11PM EDT - Recapping AMD's Computex announcements

06:11PM EDT - 15% IPC, 2x cache size, 2x FP perf (via AVX-2)

06:12PM EDT - AMD now considers themselves a market leader for consumer CPUs

06:12PM EDT - And now showing off some benchmark data to prove that claim

06:12PM EDT - (AMD's favorite benchmark: Cinebench 20)

06:13PM EDT - Also comparing the 3900X to Intel's 9900K in games at CPU-limited settings

06:14PM EDT - Now it's time for a demo with AMD's Robert Hallock

06:15PM EDT - Running The Division 2

06:15PM EDT - Now they're going to throw in some video encoding

06:16PM EDT - (Casually omitted: using the dedicated video encoder in AMD's video cards)

06:17PM EDT - Now 3800X vs. 9700K

06:17PM EDT - So that's Ryzen 7

06:17PM EDT - Now on to the Ryzen 5 processors

06:18PM EDT - 3600X vs. 9600K

06:18PM EDT - Robert is back, demoing Counter-Strike: Go

06:19PM EDT - Running at CPU-limited settings

06:19PM EDT - So framerates approaching 300fps

06:20PM EDT - "Leadership at every price point"

06:20PM EDT - Reminding everyone that all of this goes on sale on July 7th

06:20PM EDT - Switching gears to GPUs with Navi, AMD's next-gen GPU

06:21PM EDT - The Radeon RX 5700 series

06:21PM EDT - Designed from the ground up for gaming

06:22PM EDT - Introducing AMD's RDNA architecture. The successor to the GCN family of architectures

06:22PM EDT - Focused on 7nm, higher clocks, lower power, and PCIe 4.0

06:22PM EDT - "Do you guyys love Vega"

06:23PM EDT - For the future of gaming, AMD wants a flexible and scalable architecture

06:23PM EDT - 25% in perf-per-clock (per CU) and 50% perf-per-watt. All versus Vega

06:23PM EDT - Now rolling another video

06:24PM EDT - Our first card: the Radeon RX 5700 XT

06:24PM EDT - (Yes, those insufferable suffixes are back)

06:24PM EDT - It's a blower

06:25PM EDT - The 5700 XT delivers performance leadership in its class

06:25PM EDT - Now on stage: AMD's Scott Herkelman

06:26PM EDT - Specs: 40 CUs, 8GB GDDR6, Boost Clock of 1905Mhz, Game Clock of 1755MHz. Total perf of 9.75 TFLOPs

06:26PM EDT - First gaming GPU to support PCIe 4.0

06:26PM EDT - Now talking about the design of the card

06:26PM EDT - Aluminium shroud, power is 1x8pin + 1x6pin

06:26PM EDT - Vapor chamber between the heatsink and GPU

06:26PM EDT - 7 phase power

06:27PM EDT - Rolling a demo of World War Z

06:27PM EDT - GeForce RTX 2070 vs. RX 5700 XT

06:28PM EDT - More perf benchmark data. "Best versus best", each card using its best API

06:28PM EDT - The 5700 XT gets a smaller sibling: 5700 (vanilla)

06:28PM EDT - 36 CUs, 8GB VRAM, 1725Mhz boost clock, 1625 game clock

06:29PM EDT - Comparing this to RTX 2060

06:29PM EDT - AMD has itself winning several benchmarks here

06:30PM EDT - Now talking a bit more about the architecture

06:30PM EDT - Navi GPU family features

06:30PM EDT - Navi is the first RDNA architecture GPU

06:31PM EDT - DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression

06:31PM EDT - New feature: FidelityFX

06:32PM EDT - A collection of AMD graphics effects libraries. Hosted on their open source GPUOpen website

06:33PM EDT - AMD has a contrast-enhancing post-processing filter

06:33PM EDT - Their answer to NVIDIA's DLSS

06:33PM EDT - "Virtually no performance hit"

06:34PM EDT - AMD Radeon Image Sharpening

06:34PM EDT - This is a very similar feature built into AMD's driver

06:35PM EDT - Quick slide showing minimal performance hit

06:35PM EDT - So a very lightweight post-processing shader

06:35PM EDT - Radeon Anti-Lag

06:36PM EDT - A new feature to reduce rendering input lag

06:36PM EDT - Back on stage: Robert Hallock

06:37PM EDT - Discussing the background of motion-to-photon latency

06:37PM EDT - Live demo time. RTX 2070 vs. 5700 XT

06:37PM EDT - Now with Radeon Anti-lag enabled, input lag drops by about 15ms

06:37PM EDT - About 1 frame of latency

06:38PM EDT - (This sounds like a Scott Wasson project)

06:38PM EDT - Showing benchmarks measuring latency in a number of games

06:38PM EDT - How much will it cost?

06:39PM EDT - RX 5700 XT: $449

06:39PM EDT - RX 5700: $379

06:39PM EDT - AMD ain't offering no discounts this year

06:39PM EDT - Launching July 7th

06:40PM EDT - AMD game "bundle", a 3 month trial subscription for Xbox Game Pass (retail value: $30)

06:41PM EDT - Now on stage: Geoff Keighley

06:42PM EDT - (So everything on July 7th then. RIP us)

06:42PM EDT - Now it's going to be partner game demo time

06:43PM EDT - Gears of War 5

06:46PM EDT - (Surprisingly, AMD didn't talk about video card TDP there)

06:46PM EDT - Demo footage rendered all in real time on AMD hardwre

06:47PM EDT - Discussing how they don't have to do much dev work on the PC version

06:48PM EDT - Uncapped framerate on the PC

06:49PM EDT - Up next: Borderlands 3

06:52PM EDT - HDR support

06:54PM EDT - Launching September 13th

06:54PM EDT - Devs have signed an agreement with AMD for AMD to supply them with equipment

06:55PM EDT - Rolling more footage

06:57PM EDT - Now on to the Unity game engine

06:57PM EDT - Which is used in a large number of games

06:58PM EDT - Why do devs work with Unity?

06:58PM EDT - Because not everyone wants to make their own engine. It's a lot of work

06:59PM EDT - Discussing their HD Render Pipeline. Physically accurate rendering

07:01PM EDT - Running a demo called The Heretic

07:02PM EDT - Discussing all of the visual features involved

07:03PM EDT - Optimized for current and next-gen GPUs

07:03PM EDT - Also incorporating AMD's FidelityFX contrast enhancement

07:04PM EDT - CAS = Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

07:04PM EDT - Using CAS to render at sub-native resolutions

07:05PM EDT - HDRP coming in Unity 2019.3 in Fall 2019

07:06PM EDT - Up next: Ubisoft and Ghost Recon Breakpoint

07:06PM EDT - Yves Guillemot is here as well

07:08PM EDT - Showing an exclusive first look at Breakpoint

07:09PM EDT - Volumetric fog, screenspace reflection. Using async compute

07:10PM EDT - Back on stage: Lisa Su

07:12PM EDT - And Geoff has left the stage

07:13PM EDT - And now for the surprise!

07:13PM EDT - "I have one more GPU for you today"

07:13PM EDT - 50th anniversary edition 5700 XT

07:14PM EDT - Higher clocked 5700 XT

07:14PM EDT - 1830MHz game clock, boost clock of 1980MHz

07:14PM EDT - Excluslvely on AMD.com for $499

07:15PM EDT - So AMD is getting into the factory overclocked video card game. This is the the return of the Vega 64 Liquid Cooled, I suppose

07:15PM EDT - There's a CPU surprise as well

07:15PM EDT - 16 core gaming processor. The Ryzen 3950X

07:16PM EDT - 4.7Ghz boost, 3.5Ghz base

07:16PM EDT - 105W TDP

07:16PM EDT - Coming this September for $749

07:17PM EDT - A quick video with some overclocking results

07:18PM EDT - All of this launches July 7th

07:18PM EDT - And that's a wrap

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