05:54PM EDT - We're here in sunny (and hot) Los Angeles, California for E3, and more specifically, AMD's next big product-focused keynote. Dubbed "Next Horizon Gaming"

05:55PM EDT - AMD's crew, including CEO Dr. Lisa Su, will be taking the stage to present information on upcoming gaming-related products

05:57PM EDT - It's a fair bet that we'll be seeing both GPU news and CPU news from this keynote, plenty of gaming demos, and as is usually the case for AMD, maybe a surprise or two

05:59PM EDT - The show is set to start at 3pm local time, though I suspect it will get a late start

05:59PM EDT - Joining me today is the jetlagged Dr. Ian Cutress, who only recently wrapped up Computex

06:00PM EDT - Oh, and we're starting on time!

06:00PM EDT - AMD is rolling a video

06:00PM EDT - And the AMD employees are forming a mosh pit

06:01PM EDT - Now on stage: Dr. Lisa Su

06:01PM EDT - Who is wearing a black leather jacket

06:02PM EDT - "We have an incredible, incredible show for you today"

06:02PM EDT - "What's next?"

06:03PM EDT - (It will likely involve processors)

06:04PM EDT - To deliver incredible gaming experiences you need breakthrough hardware and breakthrough games

06:04PM EDT - Sometimes the hardware gets ahead, and sometimes the software gets ahead

06:04PM EDT - AMD wants to be everywhere. PCs, consoles, mobile, etc

06:05PM EDT - "We're all about pushing the envelope"

06:05PM EDT - We're seeing the results of some bets AMD made 3 to 5 years ago

06:06PM EDT - e.g. Zen 2 and RDNA

06:06PM EDT - AMD is very happy about their console and Google partnerships

06:07PM EDT - Lisa is now recapping yesterday's Project Scarlett Xbox announcement

06:08PM EDT - Introducing at E3 2019: AMD Ryzen 3000 series and the Radeon RX 5700 series

06:09PM EDT - Starting today off with Ryzen

06:09PM EDT - Rolling a video

06:10PM EDT - Lisa says she's happy to see the excitement about Ryzen 3000

06:11PM EDT - Recapping AMD's Computex announcements

06:11PM EDT - 15% IPC, 2x cache size, 2x FP perf (via AVX-2)

06:12PM EDT - AMD now considers themselves a market leader for consumer CPUs

06:12PM EDT - And now showing off some benchmark data to prove that claim

06:12PM EDT - (AMD's favorite benchmark: Cinebench 20)

06:13PM EDT - Also comparing the 3900X to Intel's 9900K in games at CPU-limited settings

06:14PM EDT - Now it's time for a demo with AMD's Robert Hallock

06:15PM EDT - Running The Division 2

06:15PM EDT - Now they're going to throw in some video encoding

06:16PM EDT - (Casually omitted: using the dedicated video encoder in AMD's video cards)

06:17PM EDT - Now 3800X vs. 9700K

06:17PM EDT - So that's Ryzen 7

06:17PM EDT - Now on to the Ryzen 5 processors

06:18PM EDT - 3600X vs. 9600K

06:18PM EDT - Robert is back, demoing Counter-Strike: Go

06:19PM EDT - Running at CPU-limited settings

06:19PM EDT - So framerates approaching 300fps

06:20PM EDT - "Leadership at every price point"

06:20PM EDT - Reminding everyone that all of this goes on sale on July 7th

06:20PM EDT - Switching gears to GPUs with Navi, AMD's next-gen GPU

06:21PM EDT - The Radeon RX 5700 series

06:21PM EDT - Designed from the ground up for gaming

06:22PM EDT - Introducing AMD's RDNA architecture. The successor to the GCN family of architectures

06:22PM EDT - Focused on 7nm, higher clocks, lower power, and PCIe 4.0

06:22PM EDT - "Do you guyys love Vega"

06:23PM EDT - For the future of gaming, AMD wants a flexible and scalable architecture

06:23PM EDT - 25% in perf-per-clock (per CU) and 50% perf-per-watt. All versus Vega

06:23PM EDT - Now rolling another video

06:24PM EDT - Our first card: the Radeon RX 5700 XT

06:24PM EDT - (Yes, those insufferable suffixes are back)

06:24PM EDT - It's a blower

06:25PM EDT - The 5700 XT delivers performance leadership in its class

06:25PM EDT - Now on stage: AMD's Scott Herkelman

06:26PM EDT - Specs: 40 CUs, 8GB GDDR6, Boost Clock of 1905Mhz, Game Clock of 1755MHz. Total perf of 9.75 TFLOPs

06:26PM EDT - First gaming GPU to support PCIe 4.0

06:26PM EDT - Now talking about the design of the card

06:26PM EDT - Aluminium shroud, power is 1x8pin + 1x6pin

06:26PM EDT - Vapor chamber between the heatsink and GPU

06:26PM EDT - 7 phase power

06:27PM EDT - Rolling a demo of World War Z

06:27PM EDT - GeForce RTX 2070 vs. RX 5700 XT

06:28PM EDT - More perf benchmark data. "Best versus best", each card using its best API

06:28PM EDT - The 5700 XT gets a smaller sibling: 5700 (vanilla)

06:28PM EDT - 36 CUs, 8GB VRAM, 1725Mhz boost clock, 1625 game clock

06:29PM EDT - Comparing this to RTX 2060

06:29PM EDT - AMD has itself winning several benchmarks here

06:30PM EDT - Now talking a bit more about the architecture

06:30PM EDT - Navi GPU family features

06:30PM EDT - Navi is the first RDNA architecture GPU

06:31PM EDT - DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression

06:31PM EDT - New feature: FidelityFX

06:32PM EDT - A collection of AMD graphics effects libraries. Hosted on their open source GPUOpen website

06:33PM EDT - AMD has a contrast-enhancing post-processing filter

06:33PM EDT - Their answer to NVIDIA's DLSS

06:33PM EDT - "Virtually no performance hit"

06:34PM EDT - AMD Radeon Image Sharpening

06:34PM EDT - This is a very similar feature built into AMD's driver

06:35PM EDT - Quick slide showing minimal performance hit

06:35PM EDT - So a very lightweight post-processing shader

06:35PM EDT - Radeon Anti-Lag

06:36PM EDT - A new feature to reduce rendering input lag

06:36PM EDT - Back on stage: Robert Hallock

06:37PM EDT - Discussing the background of motion-to-photon latency

06:37PM EDT - Live demo time. RTX 2070 vs. 5700 XT

06:37PM EDT - Now with Radeon Anti-lag enabled, input lag drops by about 15ms

06:37PM EDT - About 1 frame of latency

06:38PM EDT - (This sounds like a Scott Wasson project)

06:38PM EDT - Showing benchmarks measuring latency in a number of games

06:38PM EDT - How much will it cost?

06:39PM EDT - RX 5700 XT: $449

06:39PM EDT - RX 5700: $379

06:39PM EDT - AMD ain't offering no discounts this year

06:39PM EDT - Launching July 7th

06:40PM EDT - AMD game "bundle", a 3 month trial subscription for Xbox Game Pass (retail value: $30)

06:41PM EDT - Now on stage: Geoff Keighley

06:42PM EDT - (So everything on July 7th then. RIP us)

06:42PM EDT - Now it's going to be partner game demo time

06:43PM EDT - Gears of War 5

06:46PM EDT - (Surprisingly, AMD didn't talk about video card TDP there)

06:46PM EDT - Demo footage rendered all in real time on AMD hardwre

06:47PM EDT - Discussing how they don't have to do much dev work on the PC version

06:48PM EDT - Uncapped framerate on the PC

06:49PM EDT - Up next: Borderlands 3

06:52PM EDT - HDR support

06:54PM EDT - Launching September 13th

06:54PM EDT - Devs have signed an agreement with AMD for AMD to supply them with equipment

06:55PM EDT - Rolling more footage

06:57PM EDT - Now on to the Unity game engine

06:57PM EDT - Which is used in a large number of games

06:58PM EDT - Why do devs work with Unity?

06:58PM EDT - Because not everyone wants to make their own engine. It's a lot of work

06:59PM EDT - Discussing their HD Render Pipeline. Physically accurate rendering

07:01PM EDT - Running a demo called The Heretic

07:02PM EDT - Discussing all of the visual features involved

07:03PM EDT - Optimized for current and next-gen GPUs

07:03PM EDT - Also incorporating AMD's FidelityFX contrast enhancement

07:04PM EDT - CAS = Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

07:04PM EDT - Using CAS to render at sub-native resolutions

07:05PM EDT - HDRP coming in Unity 2019.3 in Fall 2019

07:06PM EDT - Up next: Ubisoft and Ghost Recon Breakpoint

07:06PM EDT - Yves Guillemot is here as well

07:08PM EDT - Showing an exclusive first look at Breakpoint

07:09PM EDT - Volumetric fog, screenspace reflection. Using async compute

07:10PM EDT - Back on stage: Lisa Su

07:12PM EDT - And Geoff has left the stage

07:13PM EDT - And now for the surprise!

07:13PM EDT - "I have one more GPU for you today"

07:13PM EDT - 50th anniversary edition 5700 XT

07:14PM EDT - Higher clocked 5700 XT

07:14PM EDT - 1830MHz game clock, boost clock of 1980MHz

07:14PM EDT - Excluslvely on AMD.com for $499

07:15PM EDT - So AMD is getting into the factory overclocked video card game. This is the the return of the Vega 64 Liquid Cooled, I suppose

07:15PM EDT - There's a CPU surprise as well

07:15PM EDT - 16 core gaming processor. The Ryzen 3950X

07:16PM EDT - 4.7Ghz boost, 3.5Ghz base

07:16PM EDT - 105W TDP

07:16PM EDT - Coming this September for $749

07:17PM EDT - A quick video with some overclocking results

07:18PM EDT - All of this launches July 7th

07:18PM EDT - And that's a wrap

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  • Umer - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    Sorry but I chuckled at your comment box being bogged down, heh.

    I only notice the issues on AT's website when traveling abroad, back home in third-world countries, the ads don't even show up at all. I have AT's website whitelisted, but I feel your pain!
  • HTMLSpinnr - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    Other sites are posting rumors of a 16 core/32 thread Ryzex 3 9xxx series. Let's hope it's true!
  • jeremyshaw - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    Same, I'm hoping it's binned well enough to allow full operation in a low profile SFF case (specifically, DAN A4 SFX) with a Noctua L9a HSF :D Empirically, that can handle ~100W of actual heat (peaking into the high 80s).
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    Please don't, especially if the point of the system is for PC gaming. Very few game applications will use 16-cores/32-threads, and you get to a point to where excess cores generating heat directly impedes the few cores in use that would otherwise turbo up to higher clocks.

    If you're instead trying to opt for a compact system which DOES utilize those CPU cores, for example, for mobile video editing, just don't go with a DAN A4-SFX, because the fact of the matter is that the DAN A4-SFX has really poor options for CPU cooling due to the limited height clearance. There are other mini-ITX options which have options for a 120mm or 240mm AIO which will let you better leverage turbo speeds without letting the CPU suffer during extended renders. NCase M1, Silverstone ML07, Dr. Zaber Sentry 2.0, etc.

    Would it work? I... Guess...? But what's the point of getting a CPU that you'd likely have to undervolt just to run with mixed thermal results under an anemic cooler?
  • jeremyshaw - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    I’m not going any larger than a Dan A4 SFX and I’m not going with watercooling again, not even AiO loops. I used to assemble custom loops for my PCs (including ITX shoeboxes), but no more.

    My setup is currently fine with a light overclock (enough to draw a consistent ~100W under load), at no more than high 80s in terms of temperatures.

    Thermal Power dissipated is thermal power dissipated. If AMD’s potential 16 core can do better around this thermal envelope, then I will move over. If it cannot, then I’ll have to think awhile on whether or not 8C/12C options are worth upgrading to, from my 4.5GHz (all core) 4C/8T setup. Some light gaming, 3D rendering (mostly for CAD purposes nowadays), and video editing.
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - link

    >Posts logic about why something is dumb and offers reasonable similar alternatives.
    >Response is always 5 or so asinine reasons why they absolutely CANNOT fathom any other more sensible alternative and why their patented 5-star design with the cart-device infront of the horse-device is the only way to accomplish their task.

    Something something idiot and their money are soon parted. Do what you please. Don't be surprised when a 92mm fan has to spin at full bore audibly during CAD exports/video renders because you insist on using a case and cooler that are inadequate for a monster CPU. Noctua's own guidance doesn't recommend it for anything over 65W TDP (ex: Ryzen 2600 at stock speeds, but this absolute unit thinks a 3950x with higher clocks and over double the cores/threads is a good(tm) idea). And everyone knows the 105 TDP figure given is lowballing how much watts the 3950x will put out.
  • Qasar - Saturday, June 15, 2019 - link

    it'll still probably be well under how many watts intels cpus uses....
  • GreenReaper - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    Probably. But it'll cost. Most will get better value from putting that money into RAM or video hardware.
  • Drumsticks - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    It's sad that I'm ad blocking Anandtech now. The ads used to be reasonably relevant and certainly unintrusive. It absolutely sucks to have Anandtech showing me ads for "Do you have royal blood? Your last name may tell you!" and autoplaying video ads from best buy.

    Loading this page on mobile chrome, I count: 13 distinct ads, only one of which is even arguably remotely tech related (an autoplaying video ad from best buy), and 2 of which have some kind of video or animation.

    Give me an option to pay for a subscription like Arstechnica does! I would love to stop bringing your website up in Firefox Focus :(
  • Drumsticks - Monday, June 10, 2019 - link

    Meant to be a reply to old_fogie_late_bloomer but ah well. Hopefully it's still seen and considered!

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