01:11AM EDT - Intel's annual keynote at Computex this year is being held in the Plenary Hall of the Taiwan International Convention Center. Gavin and Ian are here to report on news being presented by Intel SVP and GM Gregory Bryant. The presentation is set to start at 1:30pm local time, 1:30am ET and 05:30 UTC.

01:19AM EDT - Going to go in 10 minutes. Intel has hired the same DJ/beatboxer to provide the ambient music

01:27AM EDT - Intel is running a livestream for the event. Feel free to watch Intel and don't forget to keep an AnandTech tab open with our commentary as things are announced: https://newsroom.intel.com/news/2019-computex-keynote-livestream-replay/

01:30AM EDT - Here we go. On time!

01:30AM EDT - Intro video time

01:31AM EDT - It's all about the ecosystem

01:31AM EDT - SVP and GM Client Computing Group Greg Bryant to the stage

01:32AM EDT - Start with a retrospective. 1971

01:32AM EDT - Intel 4004 CPU

01:32AM EDT - Birth of rock music

01:33AM EDT - First commercially available microprocessor

01:33AM EDT - Now 2019

01:33AM EDT - Come together to deliver the next wave of innovation

01:34AM EDT - It's all about the ecosystem (to the tune of 'It's all about the Pentiums')

01:34AM EDT - A data-centric era of computing

01:34AM EDT - Intel wants to put a new type of computing power into the hands of people and businesses

01:35AM EDT - 12m Intel arch developers

01:35AM EDT - 1000s of ISVs, channel partners

01:35AM EDT - Powering every person's greatest contribution, at scale

01:35AM EDT - Focus, Create, and Engage

01:35AM EDT - Innovations have never been bolder

01:35AM EDT - Help people create and engage

01:36AM EDT - Building a platform that helps people focus

01:36AM EDT - Gone are the days of the traditional office

01:36AM EDT - The PC is the office

01:36AM EDT - 86% of respondents are at most productive when working remotely and connected

01:37AM EDT - 42% of millenials would rather leave than work at a company that doesn't have a high standard of technology

01:37AM EDT - Announcement: new 9th gen Intel Core vPro Mobile and Desktop CPUs

01:37AM EDT - 14 SKUs built for business

01:37AM EDT - Core i9 for vPro

01:37AM EDT - Purpose built platform for professional enterprises

01:37AM EDT - Systems from Acer, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, HP, and others

01:38AM EDT - Help people stay focused and in the moment

01:38AM EDT - Dell Precision

01:38AM EDT - HP Elite One

01:38AM EDT - Pop-up camera

01:38AM EDT - Lenovo X1

01:38AM EDT - OLED screen

01:39AM EDT - Scalability and managability to lower TCO

01:39AM EDT - vPro in business can expect up to 150% ROI over 3 years

01:39AM EDT - Advantech VP to the stage, Stephen Huang

01:40AM EDT - Trust, Managability, and Cooperation. Three arms of vPro for Advantech

01:41AM EDT - Seemless way to allow people to collaborate in conference rooms

01:42AM EDT - Announcing, 14 new Xeon E processors for entry desktop and mobile workstations

01:42AM EDT - Up to 8 cores, 16 threads, 5 GHz single core turno, 126GB DDR4-2666 ECC Support

01:42AM EDT - 128GB*

01:42AM EDT - Support for Wi-Fi 6 and Optane

01:42AM EDT - Acer, HP, Dell, shipping today

01:43AM EDT - Talk about PC can help people create

01:43AM EDT - CEO and Chairman of Acer to the stage

01:43AM EDT - (this is the guy who was buoyant at the AMD conference?)

01:43AM EDT - True partnership with Intel

01:44AM EDT - $1.2B in gaming PC in 2018

01:44AM EDT - About 50% of people who purchase gaming PC use it as a productivity tool, not for gaming

01:44AM EDT - They are creators and developers, engineers

01:45AM EDT - No other choice but to use gaming PC

01:45AM EDT - Acer created a creator PC line called ConceptD

01:46AM EDT - Creators go after gaming PCs because they need performance. But they also appreciate color accuracy and other things

01:46AM EDT - Extra effort for display

01:46AM EDT - Delta E less than 1

01:46AM EDT - Gamers like RGB LEDs and thermals, but noise don't mind

01:46AM EDT - Developers work late at night, so they prefer good acoustics

01:46AM EDT - Less than 40 dB

01:47AM EDT - ConceptD 7 uses top line Intel platform

01:47AM EDT - Last year was X-series launch

01:48AM EDT - Announcing today, coming this fall, launch next gen X-series brand of processors

01:48AM EDT - Increase memory, CPU, turbo max beyond 2 cores

01:49AM EDT - Now on to industry response on creator PCs

01:49AM EDT - Concept D desktop with Xeon Gold

01:49AM EDT - New X-Series BOXX system

01:49AM EDT - ASUS ZenBook Pro

01:50AM EDT - Dual display

01:50AM EDT - Kawehi, the DJ, on stage to demonstrate the new machines

01:51AM EDT - Time for a machine demo

01:52AM EDT - Jam Hsiao to the stage

01:52AM EDT - (paid star placement, obviously)

01:56AM EDT - Now about engagement

01:56AM EDT - Dell to the stage

01:56AM EDT - The community around these new PCs is exploding

01:57AM EDT - More revenue in the gaming industry last year more than the film industry

01:57AM EDT - To win you have to develop immersive expeirences and performance

01:57AM EDT - At CES, Dell launched Dell Alienware Area 51 laptop

01:57AM EDT - 'Finally a laptop that slays desktops'

01:58AM EDT - Now with 9th Gen 8-core Desktop CPUs

01:58AM EDT - Innovation on form factor and experiences

01:58AM EDT - Brand new Area 51 M15 and M17 laptops

01:59AM EDT - 17 inch for super max system

01:59AM EDT - very thin high performance

02:00AM EDT - better airflow 20%, 6-phase VRMs, 8-phase graphics

02:00AM EDT - 20.5mm thick. Starts under 2.16kg, up to 240 Hz display, OLED

02:00AM EDT - Dr. Lupo twitch guy on stage

02:01AM EDT - Laptops never used to be good enough for gaming

02:01AM EDT - No punches pulled on the new M15 system

02:02AM EDT - 8C/16T 5.0 GHz Turbo Mobile Core i9 CPU

02:03AM EDT - Optane H10

02:03AM EDT - 'Can do all this on a mobile computer'

02:04AM EDT - Announcing new 9900KS

02:04AM EDT - World's fastest gaming CPUs

02:04AM EDT - 5 GHz all-core turbo

02:04AM EDT - https://www.anandtech.com/show/14402/intel-announces-5-ghz-all-core-turbo-cpu

02:05AM EDT - Playing some fortnite on 9900KS

02:05AM EDT - Holoset studio

02:06AM EDT - Unlocked and overclockabl

02:06AM EDT - S is for Special Edition

02:06AM EDT - Coming in Q4

02:07AM EDT - Intel Performance Maximizer

02:07AM EDT - Auto-overclocking built from Intel

02:07AM EDT - Available in June

02:07AM EDT - automated overclocking tool

02:07AM EDT - People buy K skus, but only few people overclock

02:07AM EDT - Examines every core to find the maximum frequency

02:08AM EDT - Going through multiple freq, multiple voltages

02:08AM EDT - Will take two steps back from a CPU / thermal failure

02:08AM EDT - All-cores for 9700K running at 5.2 GHz

02:09AM EDT - Look at every core on HEDT and find out what the frequency core is and bring it to the max

02:09AM EDT - Will retest over time to deal with silicon drift in performance

02:10AM EDT - Now about the next wave of innovation

02:10AM EDT - Project Athena

02:10AM EDT - New class of laptops

02:10AM EDT - People want systems that are smart and adaptable

02:10AM EDT - Ready for instant action

02:11AM EDT - Athena 1.0 Specification

02:11AM EDT - Performance, Responsiveness, Connectivity, AI, All-Day Battery Life, Instant Action, Form Factor

02:12AM EDT - Wake from sleep in less than second. 16 hours video, 9 hours. Rapid charging - 4hrs in 30 mins

02:12AM EDT - >100 companies involved

02:13AM EDT - First systems will be in the market in holiday season

02:13AM EDT - Lenovo to the stage

02:15AM EDT - Intel provides a lot of parts to help system design

02:15AM EDT - Yoga S940 - Project Athena

02:16AM EDT - Long lasting battery, high perf

02:16AM EDT - Active intelligence in the system

02:16AM EDT - Intelligent performance features for better user experience

02:17AM EDT - Available Holiday Season

02:17AM EDT - Powered by Ice Lake CPU

02:17AM EDT - New Core 10th Gen Ice Lake-U

02:18AM EDT - 10nm CPU Tech, Up to 2.5x accelerated AI, 2x GPU, 3x faster wireless

02:18AM EDT - 10th Gen Ice Lake-U launched. Most integrated SoC

02:18AM EDT - This is also mass-market 10nm

02:18AM EDT - In production, and now shipping (to Intel's OEM customers)

02:18AM EDT - 11 new ICL SKUs

02:19AM EDT - New Sunny Cove Arch. New Gen11 GPU

02:19AM EDT - i3 to Core i8

02:19AM EDT - i7

02:20AM EDT - 13-inch wood HP with 10th Gen

02:20AM EDT - New Acer Swift 5 with 10th Gen

02:21AM EDT - Ice Dancing Medallists to the stage

02:23AM EDT - Gen11 graphics demo

02:23AM EDT - Destiny 2

02:25AM EDT - Super resolution video payback

02:25AM EDT - playback

02:26AM EDT - Using 10th Gen AI to de-blur photos

02:26AM EDT - Cyberlink

02:27AM EDT - Body tracking

02:27AM EDT - no special camera needed

02:28AM EDT - Using Ice Lake DL Boost

02:29AM EDT - Starting to scratch the service with 10th Gen and the PC

02:29AM EDT - Blur backgrounds on Skype calls

02:30AM EDT - Intel Iris Plus Graphics

02:30AM EDT - Gaussian Neural Accelerator

02:30AM EDT - Driving the ecosystem

02:31AM EDT - Lots of partners

02:31AM EDT - That's a wrap.

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  • Carmen00 - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - link

    The thing that you can't understand is that speculative execution attacks are new, and there was no easy way for Intel to have known about them, so there was no protection against them whatsoever. Due to Intel CPU internal design, they are specifically vulnerable to these attacks and the mitigations cause a greater loss of performance than they do to their competitors' chips. This is not about whether Intel engineers are "smart" or "dumb", and it is not about "doing things right", and it is definitely not about a CS "security model" (there is no over-arching CS security model, by the way). It's about an UNFORESEEN attack vector.

    Now that the speculative execution attack vector is known, designers will be able to guard against it. I don't think we have a lot to fear from NSA or hackers, going forward, as long as the safeguards are in place.
  • Bulat Ziganshin - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - link

    I need to reiterate - do you believe that Intel CPU design was so special that they made 10 such errors when other developers made no one? Actually, all bugs known in other CPUs up to date are just errors found in Intel CPUs that are also applicable to some other ones. Do you really believe that all other cpu vendors made only errors that was initially found in Intel cpus?

    Next, the attack vector is the following - if execution time depends on the data, then it can be measured and data are revealed. It was used for a while to construct fixed-time cryptographic algorithms, and now we finally realized that non-crypto algorithms may have sensitive data too, so we need to protect everything. And I don't know any guaranteed protection short of using only single-core cpus and clearing all cache levels on context switching - does anyone know better solution?

    Spectre and so on are not CPU vulnerabilities, they are attacks. Each month a new attack is developed using these principles. So, it's pretty meaningless to mitigate each particular attack.
  • imaskar - Sunday, June 2, 2019 - link

    Actually, yes. It was special, because it was advanced. They pulled 'smart tricks' to increase performance on existing nodes/architectures. Their speculations was far more speculative than others. And this is the price.
  • Hurk - Monday, June 24, 2019 - link

    because they had patented the design, so their competitors could not. the reason why AMD was dorment and second class for so long was due to living off of Intel patents from the Pentium 4 stack that they got through cross-licensing with Nat-Simi before Intel stopped their cross-licensing with them.
    Intel rebuilt their CPU stack after that based on their mobile processor redesign, (dolphin) that was 100% intel only design and patents. AMD had to do the same thing to break the performance limits of the Pentium 4 architecture. Each ended up with vastly different results.
  • Korguz - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    still believing the lies from intel???
    zen 2..as fast as intel it seems ( waiting for reviews to be sure.) while running 300 to 400 mhz less. and costing less to boot

    better question is.. IF intel comes out with 10nm in volume.. they have been promising this for only the last 4 YEARS now
  • Hifihedgehog - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link


    "(Once) The World's Best Gaming Processor
    "Now Trying To Play Catch-Up"
  • Targon - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    So, releasing the cherry-picked 9900k that can overclock to 5GHz on all cores in the fourth quarter is the Intel response to AMD releasing 12 core parts with a higher IPC than Intel has. AMD didn't even release the 16 core parts, just to be sure to have something to fight back with in case Intel actually had a response worth looking at.

    Intel graphics....it's all smoke and mirrors, "look at me, I'll have something for you in another six months!". I loved the line about people trusting Intel after more security issues were found that when addressed, will reduce the performance of Intel chips.
  • Chaitanya - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    "01:46AM EDT - Gamers like RGB LEDs and thermals, but noise don't mind"

    What are the engineers smoking? Gamers are quite concerned with noise along with thermals. I dont want my PC to sound like I am sitting in a datacenter.
  • alumine - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    That just means you don't have your headphones loud enough ;)
  • Opencg - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    Im a gamer and I dont care for RGB and do want good noise levels. My apartment is peaceful I don't want it to sound like a vacuum / airport when I'm gaming and using voice chat.

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