Performance - Direct Attached Storage Mode

Seagate also sells the BarraCuda Pro Compute drives as being suitable for use in direct-attached storage systems. We evaluated the performance in such a usage scenario using one of the highest performing 2-bay DAS units currently in the market - the Akitio Thunder3 Duo Pro, connected to our testbed via a Thunderbolt 3 interface.

Prior to processing real-life workloads, we first checked quick artificial access traces using ATTO and CrystalDiskMark.

We find that the performance remains consistent irrespective of workload size as long as the sequential access characteristic holds. Two drives in RAID 0 can sustain 520 MBps+ reads and writes. RAID 1 performance is similar to the standalone drive performance.

Both RAID0 and RAID1 configurations were subject to our standard DAS test suite described in the previous section. The robocopy test suite gave the following results.

Akitio Thunder3 Duo Pro + 2x Seagate BarraCuda Pro 14TB (Thunderbolt 3)
robocopy Benchmarks (MBps)
  Write Bandwidth Read Bandwidth
Photos 299.52 182.11 383.84 196.73
Videos 400.26 214.63 400.44 203.24
Blu-ray Folder 423.90 218.47 403.24 206.67

There is no difference in the performance consistency between either RAID configuration. The behavior is largely similar to the internal drive scenario, except for the RAID 0 absolute bandwidth numbers. Thanks to the enclosure's fan, the temperature increase is also not as much as what we observed in the internal drive case, though we do see the temperatures in the RAID 1 case being slightly more than the RAID 0 case due to the workload distribution.

We also processed select workloads from PCMark 8's storage bench.

Akitio Thunder3 Duo Pro + 2x Seagate BarraCuda Pro 14TB (Thunderbolt 3)
PCMark8 Storage Benchmarks (MBps)
  Write Bandwidth Read Bandwidth
Adobe Photoshop (Light) 297.55 206.27 10.26 9.31
Adobe Photoshop (Heavy) 319.36 197.92 12.31 10.67
Adobe After Effects 97.82 65.30 9.49 9.12
Adobe Illustrator 224.29 178.66 9.06 8.81

A significant speed-up in response time is achieved while dealing with multimedia files stored in a RAID 0 configuration of two BarraCuda Pro 14TB drives in a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure. Combined with the consistency shown, we can say that our results back up Segate's claims regarding the firmware tuning of BarraCuda Pro drives for specific application scenarios.

Performance - Internal Storage Mode Miscellaneous Aspects and Concluding Remarks
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  • _Rain - Saturday, September 22, 2018 - link

    Drives of this class usually fairly quiet, because the platter dont push speed to extreme limits.

    Barracuda Pro is designed to be integrated in a PC or workstation in single, non-RAID configuration with medium workloads. Exos is high end, server grade HDDs, designed for maximum performance in highest workloads in it's class, 24/7 operation in RAID setup. There is also huge difference in endurance between those two.

    Factory output capacity of 10/12/14TB HDDs is around 10-15 pcs per day, so the price reflects higher production costs

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